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Premier FAQs

Get answers to frequent questions about Premier Trailer Leasing’s fleet, pricing, trade-ins, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore Premier Trailer Leasing’s flexible rental and leasing options, customized especially with your business in mind. We offer high-quality, late-model trailers to meet your evolving requirements. Get answers to your most frequently asked questions, delivered by our team of seasoned trucking professionals.

Account Setup Process

How do I rent a trailer from Premier?

Begin by filling out our account application (also called credit application) and submitting it to Premier for review and response from our credit team. Generally, we are looking for companies who:

  • Have been in business for 2+ years.
  • Are based at a commercial address (not the owner’s residence).
  • Have a medium five-figure average bank balance or better.
  • Can provide commercial trade references that are verifiable through commercial credit agencies.

Once our credit team has processed your application, we will be in touch to set up any needed paperwork and you are ready to roll. Questions? Give your closest branch a call.

What type of insurance do I need?

We require $1 million in combined single limit auto and general trailer liability coverage listing Premier as additional insured. Physical damage coverage is also required listing Premier as loss payee. In lieu of physical damage coverage you can also take advantage of Premier’s LDW offering.

Renting & Leasing Trailers

I need to rent a van. How much does it cost?

There are many variables involved: trailer specifications, length of term, and strength of credit, among other factors. By submitting the credit application along with your particular trailer leasing or rental needs online, we can promptly provide you with a quote.

How soon can I rent a trailer?

Once your application for an account (also called credit application) has been approved and you have discussed your needs with our team, we simply need your certificate of insurance in compliance with Premier requirements, and we can release equipment to you right away.

Do you offer short term rentals if I only need trailers for a few days?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to rent to you for a day, a month, years, or lease trailers to you for much longer-term needs. We’re flexible.

Do Premier trailers come with trailer tracking? What’s the cost?

Premier Trailer Leasing is proud to offer the most technologically advanced trailer tracking solutions on the market today on all of our over-the-road and local cartage equipment, including 2-way commands on our reefer fleet. The equipment comes at no additional cost, however there is a small fee for full access to the technology. Please contact your local branch for more information.

Do you only rent to trucking companies?

Not at all. Many of our customers have no trucks at all. Think of retail stores, warehouse companies, trade show facilities, major sports teams and venues, garden centers, nurseries, and more! You will need to meet our credit and insurance requirements, but we rent and lease to all sorts of businesses.

My company has locations nationwide. How can I rent trailers for other offices?

You can rent or lease trailers from any location nationwide. If your company locations have local needs, we can work with them in each market or we can assist you with a more centralized, single point-of-contact approach by our national accounts team. We are happy to adjust based on your company’s preferences!

Who do I call when I need to rent a trailer?

Premier strives to build longstanding, trusted relationships with all our customers. Once your account has been established, you will always have a consistent point of contact to support your needs nationwide – either locally or at our corporate office for nationwide support. Until then, please contact your nearest branch or request a call-back here.

Does Premier sell or finance trailers?

We have an inventory of used trailers for sale at all times. We can sell the trailers outright or custom tailor financing solutions for you. Contact your nearest branch for more information.

Finding the Right Trailer

What type of trailers does Premier offer for rent?

Premier has a diverse fleet of dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, chassis, and specialty equipment to support our customer’s needs.

How do I choose the right trailer?

Our team is always here to help you determine the best specs for your haul.

What type of product are you hauling? How is it loaded or unloaded? How many miles will you run? What do your shipper and recipient facilities accommodate? How long will you need the trailers? What are your budget requirements? These are just some of the questions our team will ask to find the right trailer for your application. And, if your needs change over time we can help with that, too!

Contact your nearest branch for more information.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to get access to late model equipment?

No, Premier’s minimum rental term is one day. We’re here to help create flexible options that match your business needs. Once your account application (also called credit application) has been approved and your account has been set up, you are ready to go anytime!

Does Premier offer custom equipment?

Our diverse fleet of trailers can accommodate many different types of freight, applications, shippers and receivers alike. But if you have a special request or a specification preference, please speak with our team. While we typically do not build custom equipment, we will often still find a solution for you!  

Maintenance & RoadCARE

Who handles the maintenance on rental or leased trailers?

There are several options to handle your fleet maintenance to cater to your needs, including our standard maintenance agreement and our net/net option.

Regardless of the option you choose, as a Premier customer, you always have access to our in-house RoadCARE team to support your drivers on the road 24/7.

I have my own repair shop or vendors. Can I do my own repairs?

Absolutely! We offer both Mileage Maintenance and Net Maintenance options. If you choose our Net Maintenance Program, you can handle maintenance on your Premier trailers yourself. Click here to learn more.  We are always happy to work together to determine the most cost-effective way to get service on your Premier equipment.

How do I keep track of preventative maintenance on my rented or leased equipment?

Our Premier Client Dashboard gives you access to a lot of fleet information in real-time. Keep track of current, upcoming, and expired PM/FHWA inspections, use our trailer tracking systems to find the right Premier branch office, and much more. Login or register for a Client Dashboard account here. 

Is there a service fee for calling the RoadCARE line?

All Premier customers have free access to our in-house RoadCARE team, which will assist in locating and managing the repair process by a local vendor as part of our nationwide vendor network. The only charge you will see, is for the actual vendor services provided to fix the trailer.

Are the after-hours RoadCARE calls transferred to a third party?

No, RoadCARE calls are answered 24/7 by our in-house RoadCARE team at our corporate office in Plano, Texas.

Will Premier handle all types of repairs to my trailer?

Premier’s RoadCARE team will reach out to servicing vendors to handle any and all repairs needed to your trailer.

Moving Trailers

Does Premier offer one-way rentals?

Yes. We occasionally need to reposition equipment and we work with customers and vendors alike to move trailers between facilities, locally and nationwide.

Can Premier pick up and deliver trailers to my facility?

Premier is happy to work with its vendors to arrange for pick and delivery on your behalf.

Can I return a trailer at a different branch than the one I picked up from?

Premier provides flexible return options at one of our branches across the country. Please contact your local branch to discuss different options available for foreign terminations and one-way trailers.

How can I become a pickup/delivery vendor for Premier?

Please contact your local Premier branch to learn how to become a vendor.

Customer Fleet Details

Where do I find Registrations and FHWA’s for Premier trailers?

You can find your registration and FHWA documents in two places on our website: Within our Client Dashboard or under ‘’Client Tools and Services” at the top of our website.

Where can I find my current trailers list, rates, RA inspection report, unit POS’, expired inspections and invoices?

You can find all of these on your Premier Client Dashboard. For information on how to navigate the dashboard, download our Client Dashboard Guide here. 

How do I find my most recent inbound trailer number?

You can find inbound and outbound trailer numbers on your Premier Client Dashboard under the section titled ‘Gate Activity’. For information on how to navigate the Client Dashboard, download our Client Dashboard Guide here.

Where do I view/enter/dispute the POS on ESN’s?

You can find all information & make changes regarding ESN’s on your Premier Client Dashboard. For information on how to navigate the dashboard, download our Client Dashboard Guide here.


What are payment options at Premier?

We have many payment options available. Premier offers online payment processing through Premier PayPro as the easiest method, but we can also process ACH and EFT payments, wire transfers, paper checks, and if certain customer criteria are met, we can even get connected to your third-party system like Coupa, Ariba, and more.

Do you accept ACH or Credit Card payments?

We do accept ACH payments but not Credit Card payments. Please contact your local branch for more details on payment options.

Would you accept 30- or 45-day terms instead of Net15?

Our general terms are Net15. If your business needs require an adjustment to these terms, please reach out to your account manager and we are happy to discuss options to consider.

How do I enroll in your payment portal for online payment?

Simply sign up for an online payment account here. Contact your local branch if you need assistance.

How do I submit a customer tax exemption certificate?

If you have a tax exemption status and would like to submit copies of your tax exemption certificates, please email the Premier Tax Department at Please provide your customer account name and number in your email for prompt processing.


Who can I speak with if I have a question about an invoice or electronic service notification?

Please call or email your local Premier branch team with any questions.